Hey there!

Welcome to my stormy mind... have fun and enjoy my brain-chaos.. 

My brain chaos is your brain chaos, so write me if you want and let´s enrich this sharing portal


Well, i only speak these languages i share... If you speak another one and you want to enrich my page with your posts, you are really welcome!

One language- one country was yesterday... Today everything is mixed.

So let´s enjoy it ;)

Different Languages

Hey, you will ask now, if I will share everything in these three languages... NO! I will share in the language i want to share at this moment. If you want, you can translate it ;)

Mixed Generation-

we don´t have "a" language, we have several!

Do you think?

If you think something, if you want to share your thoughts, if you want to say your opinion and stay anonym, write us!


Denkst Du?

Wenn du etwas denkst, wenn du deine Gedanken teilen willst, wenn du deine Meinung sagen und dabei anonym beliebn willst, schreib uns!




Düsünüyor musun?

Eger bir seyler düsünüyorsan, eger düsüncelerini paylasmak istiyorsan, eger hem fikrini söyleip hem de anonim kalmak istiyorsan bize yaz!